Longwall Hydraulics

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Welcome to Longwall Hydraulics

Australian Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier of Kamat Pumps, High Pressure Cleaners, Hydraulic Valves, Water Jetting, Filtration, Pressure Cleaning and Dust Suppression Equipment

Since its foundation in 1992 Longwall Hydraulics Pty Limited has successfully grown into a designer and manufacturer of specialised hydraulic equipment and service provider. Our key product areas are:

  • Design and drafting capabilities
  • Design and manufacture of high pressure pumping systems
  • Supply and servicing of High pressure Pumps
  • Hydraulic Valve Repairs
  • Shearer Water Pump Units
  • Salvage Pump Manufacture and Hire
  • Servicing of Monorail Systems and Spares
  • Dust Suppression Pump Units
  • Water Jetting Equipment
  • Hydraulically Powered Generators, Compressors, Magnets and Vibrators
  • Filtration Solutions and High Pressure Filtration Units including Hire units
  • Steel Service Pipes

We are currently supplying high pressure pumps and services to industries such as: Longwall Coal Mining, Steel Manufacture, Iron Ore production, Oil and Gas plants, Aquaculture industry, Construction industry along with Professional Cleaning services. Currently our pumps are successfully providing high pressure services to the highest producing MET coal underground mines with pumps in operation over 15 years (Grasstree). Many of our customers (Moranbah, Broadmeadow and South 32) have targets in excess of 10Mt ROM and rely on our equipment to succeed. This makes us the number one pump station choice for Australian Longwall operations. We are also a leading Dynaset and Dynajet dealer in Australia, with our high pressure cleaners and many other products being used by major councils and infrastructure providers.

As a manufacturer and supplier of high quality equipment, we understand the requirements of our customers and the need to maximize productivity through comprehensive planning of design and supply strategies to provide high levels of performance and reliability with minimum equipment down-times.

Our goal is to support our range of products with a professional, first class service and a cooperative mindset.

The Longwall Hydraulics Team consists of experienced professionals with our hydraulics, engineering and management staff with proven design-technical abilities coupled with strong quality and safety ethics. The team manages original equipment and major overhaul contracts worth millions of dollars, every project is delivered to our customer’s expectations, on time and within budget.

We also provide maintenance services to the industry and have service personnel located in key areas of New South Wales and Queensland.