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Moranbah North Overhaul

21st February 2019


For the first time since the original build back in 2013 Longwall Hydraulics have executed a periodical full life pump station overhaul of a 2-cart system, and carried it out within a very tight timeline. As always, the team at Longwall Hydraulics put together a great effort to meet our customer’s safety, quality and budgetary expectations. This work ensures the pump station will go back into production seamlessly and help Anglo Americans Moranbah North underground mine to continue to be one the highest producers in the Australian coal industry.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Project quoted as 11-week duration, completed in 9-weeks working through Christmas
  • Major components back to bare metal
  • Major items covered in overhaul:
    • 2 x P3000 Sunflo Shearer Water Pump rebuild
    • 8 x Kamat K25000 series Emulsion Pump rebuilds with full testing
    • 6 x Full motor overhauls
    • 4 x Ontrak H75T-65 crawler tracks units
  • Complete emulsion and oil hydraulic system re hose.
  • Complete electrical rewiring with upgrades throughout both pump and tank carts with factory acceptance testing.

A massive thank you to all that was involved within the overhaul, and a special thanks to everyone involved within Longwall Hydraulics, Pirtek Illawarra and Dynelec. The effort from everyone was outstanding.