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HRU Hydraulic Rescue Unit

DYNASET HRU Hydraulic Rescue Unit boosts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine suitable for rescue tools or other hydraulic tools. HRU produces 800 bar of pressure and a flow of 10 l/min distributed through a single line or dividable into two 5 l/min lines. The unit consists of a pump, an oil tank and a filter assembled in one compact system.

Base machines and installation

The world’s best power-to-size ratio guarantees an easy installation on mobile machinery such as fire engines, rescue vehicles and ladder trucks. Thanks to its compact size and light weight the HRU can be installed anywhere on a mobile machine and can be fitted into any hydraulic system.

How does the DYNASET HRU Hydraulic Rescue Unit work?

HRU Hydraulic Rescue Unit boosts the hydraulic pressure for rescue or any other hydraulic tool. The patented structure of the HRU boosts the pressure from the base machine’s hydraulic system. Two tools can be used at the same time with the unit. The hydraulic pressure can be boosted up to 800 bar and with a flow of 5 l/min for each tool. If only one tool is used, the hydraulic oil flow can be increased to 10 l/min by combining the HRU output pressure lines.


The HRU Units are compact-sized to fit any mobile machine. Using HRU saves space, increases the machine’s versatility and utilization rate. No need to drag big separate boosting units to the work sites as the HRU is integrated to the base machine and is always ready for use. It brings the ability to use bigger more effective hydraulic tools with small hydraulic systems. It saves time, equipment and minimizes fuel costs.

Clean technology

DYNASET HRU Hydraulic Rescue Unit is eco-friendly. When using the HRU, there is no need for additional pressure boosting equipment. The compact design fits even the smallest machinery and enables them to use more demanding tools. There is no need for dragging additional hydraulic power units to the rescue site for boosting pressure. HRU goes always with the vehicle and is ready for use all the time. Using it minimizes the emissions and there is less natural resource consuming equipment at the work site.

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