Longwall Hydraulics

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Dust Suppression

dust suppressionLongwall Hydraulics design and manufacture high pressure power units for dust suppression. These units can be customised to underground and surface applications. Our initial designs were focused on mining applications, however, these units are effective in multiple applications and work extremely effectively with high pressure misting technology nozzles where our pumps and nozzle IP combine to minimise water consumption while providing superb dust suppression results.

These units can operate from 100 bar up to 280 bar with water usage as low as 3 litres/minute for each nozzle. Our designs can be customised to any application, we can use sound proofing enclosures to reduce operating noise for sensitive areas, foot print is configured to suit our customers needs and the units can be supplied as electric or diesel power.

BSL Water Monitoring Board

Dust Suppression on CM.MOV