Longwall Hydraulics

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Longwall Hydraulics supplies Longwall, Development and Face Transport monorail systems. These Systems are manufactured to suit the requirements of each customer and are robust and modular systems with a high level of flexibility, coupled with a high load capacity and fast rate of progress. They utilise proven engineering design and components established over many years experience manufacuring and servicing this equipment. Longwall Hydraulics also services other manufacturers monorail systems, and offers repairs, underground service and spare parts support. Longwall Hydraulics Monorail systems typically incorporate the following:

  • High torque traction drive units.
  • Robust trolleys and hose retention.
  • Safe connection break points.
  • Easy to handle and install rail beams.
  • Rail mounted services - DCB, Filter, Dump, Fire, Storage, Tools and Safety equipment pods.
  • All fluid hoses, electrical and control cables and connectors.
  • Extensive mechanical and electrical isolation features.
  • Purpose built installation platforms.
  • Purpose built sleds for loading and transport.

Each system has the following integrated features:

  • MDG41 compliance, providing high level of operator safety.
  • Easy handling minimises potential for hand injuries.
  • Minimised potential for hose migration through positive hose retention system.
  • Reduced risk of fluid injection injury through extensive use of DAS sleeving on high pressure hoses.
  • Minimised service down time due to ease of access, connection types and modular design.
  • Complete integration with Longwall Hydraulics pump station equipment.
  • Simplified maintenance.